Mc Cain

Mc Cain LogoMcCain began over 50 years ago with a simple potato, and has now become a Canadian success story with millions of consumers enjoying their products around the world. As the world's largest privately-owned frozen food manufacturer, they bring you the finest French fries and potato specialties.


Enjoy responsibly

You know your customers love fries. However, nowadays they not only want to enjoy food, but they want to eat healthy as well.

Together with DE KEURSLAGER and Mc Cain, your customers can enjoy fries responsibly in Suriname. Mc Cain is the first and the only company that pre-bakes all its potato products with an enhanced frying-oil formula. The new formula contains 40% less saturated fatty acids (and therefore 40% more unsaturated fatty acids). When you subsequently fry our products in liquid deep-frying oil, you can serve customers fries they can enjoy consciously. 

Liquid deep-frying oil also contains high levels of unsaturated fatty acids that help reduce blood cholesterol.
In short, using Mc Cain fries and preparing them appropriately, entail health advantages and customers can go on enjoying fried potatoes responsibly.


Our products

Spicy Wedges

Spiced potato wedges with shell and tasty crust. Therefore they not only taste better, but also stay crispier and warmer for a longer period of time.

StayCrisp 3/8” (9 mm)
Fries made of the best potatoes with a special layer that make them stay warm and crispy for a longer period of time. Ideal for customers that want to take the fries home.

Crinkle Frites

The jagged shape of the fries gives each dish a festive touch.

Country Cubes
This product is made from the best potatoes, cut in small cubes and nicely spiced.
These cubes provide the finishing touch, for both fast-and full meals.


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Mc Cain Country Cubes
Mc Cain Crinkle Cut
Mc Cain Spicy Wedges
Mc Cain Stay Crisp