Quality Assurance

The common theme throughout our organization is quality. Whether it's about purchasing raw materials, training of personnel, or about the production method of roasted meat: quality is our main focus. By doing so, we consistently deliver high-quality products at the sharpest prices.

Temperature checkAll our products are adjusted to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our flexibility enables us to customize your order based on: package weight, number and weight of slices, product salinity, etc.

We are confident that DE KEURSLAGER is or can be the right partner for you in the near future, due to the adequate handling of our products with respect to hygiene, processing, proportioning, preparing, packaging, and refrigerated transport.

We operate from our modern meat processing facility at the Dr. Nassylaan 117D that meets the current environmental- and hygiene regulatory requirements (approved by the Surinamese department of Agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries (L.V.V.).

General Director receiving HACCP certificate Management staff posing with HACCP certificates HACCP LOGO

Our goal to become the first HACCP certified Catering Industry Butcher in the region was achieved in November 4th 2010. This means that DE KEURSLAGER completely operates according the HACCP food-safety standards, and is thereby meeting the most stringent requirements concerning food-safety and hygiene.