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Natural Spices offers you the best quality herbs and spices and the largest assortment.

Natural Spices LogoNatural Spices has been a tastemaker for several decades in traditional fresh- and catering industry market. Many butchers, poultries, fish shops, bakeries, hotels, cafes, snack bars, hospitals or nursing homes, school and businesses throughout the world use the products of Natural Spices.

Natural Spices distinguishes itself by flexibility. You can choose from a wide range of spices and herbs, and offer several packaging options. If we do not have the desired ingredient, we immediately search for it with our global supplier. If required, we will keep the ingredient in stock for you to be able to deliver quickly.

Natural Spices and DE KEURSLAGER offer the Surinamese catering industry the best price-quality ratio. We also have easy and affordable packages specifically for use in Food Service, like 1000 ml sprinkle buses which are lockable and easy dosing and different sizes of lockable euro container which are stackable.

Natural Spices and DE KEURSLAGER are your partners in Suriname when you are going for taste, functionality and profitability. 

More info is available on the Natural Spices website.



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